Jessie P.

I was interested in a particular house in the Wahiawa area which Bill was the contact person. It was very late at night when I emailed him inquiring about the house. I didn't expect to get a response till the next day but was pleasantly surprised to get a response back within a few minutes and a callback. Although the purchase did not go as planned, I was very impressed with Bill's knowledge of the real estate industry and his professionalism. I felt very comfortable talking to Bill and asked lots of questions and if he didn't know the answer, he would do some research and get back to me with answers. I would definitely recommend him to my friends and family when purchasing a home.

Daniel & Virginia S.

We are so pleased with the work of Bill Ward. His knowledge of not only the real estate market of the North Shore but also his knowledge about this local culture is simply superb. We are working together on the purchasing of a very difficult home, and the way he's handling everything is really comforting. He's a great negotiator. At first, the deal seemed it wouldn't happen. Then he suggested 'seller's financing', which I didn't know about it, and now everything worked out great. Thank you so much, Bill! I'll always recommend your services. Great job!

Dana B.

I am so happy to recommend Bill to any seller/buyer and share a bit about our experience as "buyers". It's clear that Bill is in this to put families in the right home, at the right time, with their best interest at heart. He was very responsive to calls, connected us with an expert loan agent, and represented us well in the negotiating process with the seller. Bill's attitude was always upbeat and encouraging as well as being extremely competent which helped us sail through escrow. We will work with Bill again on our next move.

Buyer | Seller

The friendliest most diligent, tenacious real estate agent I've ever known. If you are looking for a home and or need to sell yours, Bill knows this business in full detail and will dedicate all of his efforts to helping you achieve your goals. I watched him study and dive headlong into this career that is tailor-made for him. His personality, patience, and understanding of the market and the islands make him uniquely qualified for excellence in this field. Hire him!

Work With Bill

Bill has over 35 years of sales and marketing experience. While living in Hawaii, Bill worked for a stand-up paddle surf company that went global. The transition to real estate was a natural progression for Bill as he continues to provide his unique high level of personal service. Bill is a sincere, straightforward professional who genuinely cares for every client. Contact him now!

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